After a man kills her father searching for a mysterious artifact, Jade struggles with her new life without her dad. She soon discovers a mysterious martial arts instructor that may be the key to finding the man who killed her father.


Hitler Hates Santa
Little known fact: Adolf Hitler put a hit on Santa right after they invaded Poland. In this comedy (inspired by true'ish events) we meet a Nazi General whose mission is to destroy Santa at all costs.


Hook, Line & Sinker
The doctor's waiting room is a peaceful, uneventful place. Just not when Sandy is there. Watch Tom find out the hard way in Hook, Line & Sinker!


Coppin'a Feel
"Coppin'a Feel" did really well in the film festival circuit, earning several nominations in several film festivals and winning multiple awards. In this short comedy film, Detective Benson enters the interrogation room for the very first time to see if he has what it takes to get that confession... Watch it below!


This is Joe: Getting a Job... ?
"This is Joe: Getting a job... ?" is the first episode in a series. We will follow Joe as he discovers a very strange world, or is Joe the strange one? Find out in this first episode!
Savory Burger: The Web Series
  Welcome to Savory Burger, where the food is burgers and the service... is savory!

The Artists Playground is proud to present an original web series about a group of quirky employees working in a not so appetizing fast food chain.

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Episode 1: Be My Eyes

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The new new eyePhone
As a sequel to "the new eyePhone" video released in 2011, The Artists Playground got their members together for an impromptu production of "the new new eyePhone" over a weekend.

The hilarious results of this experiment can be seen here: